Is there a way to know what the error is on web reports

I created a UCR datasource along with a web report. I can see that the datasource column type is set to 'integer,' and the web report is expected to pick up and sum this data. However, upon clicking 'apply,' it enters a loading state without displaying any output. Is there a log or a method to identify the underlying issue?

Hi @andyasne, thanks for reaching out.

A few quick questions:

  1. How long are we talking about here? Did you wait 5min? 10? 2 hours?
  2. I presume other reports work just fine and it's just this one causing this issue?
  3. Check the console. So just before clicking apply, right click anywhere on the page and go to the "console" tab. Now click apply. Do you see any errors?
  4. In a similar way, check the network tab. Just before you click apply, if you inspect the page and go to the "network" tab, you'll see network calls being made to the server. Do any of them give errors?

I think let's start here to rule out some obvious issues.