Is it possible to include the "none" entries from the datasource while using date filter

(AndinetA) #1

while working on a report I wanted to include data source entries using received_on field that is selected using filter date type.
In the result I wanted to include the None Entries from received_on field from this data source too.

Here is the filter
“compare_as_string”: false,
“datatype”: “date”,
“required”: false,
“display”: “Select date”,
“field”: “received_on”,
“type”: “date”,
“slug”: “date_selector”


(Cory Zue) #2

I’m not sure the answer to this off the top of my head. But I’m curious why received_on is None? That should not generally ever happen.


(AndinetA) #3

hi @czue , I shouldn’t have named a date field in the data source received_on.It is not the form`s default (received_on) field .This field is populated by date data if a form mate a condition, if not its null.