Internal case migration

Respected sir/madam,

We have 18 forms. Firstly, Community organizers registered the Household Registration with basic information then they register women and then registered child & after that followup started case wise. Now we are facing problem with internal case migration. our lots of cases are migrated due to area demolish but the cases are migrated with in user to user. Now we don’t want to close the case other wiser we lots previous data/journey of the case. we just want to continued that case with other user. we try reassign case but we cannot change the owner name. It we reassign Its affect user wise counting. Please tell us a smart way for the internal migration. How we saved our data and the time.

Hi Latika,

The two most common options for reassigning cases are either to use the Case Reassignment feature, or to export / update / and re-import the cases.

I believe you need to know the user’s “Unique ID” (this can be identified by doing a User Export) (rather than their username) to utilize the export/import process.