Integrate Commcare Data collection mobile app with a third party web application

Dear Commcare community,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sunandan Madan and i along
with 2 of my batchmates are try to build a tool through which rural
development organisation can record and send voice messages to people in
rural areas who find it difficult to read and reply to sms. But first data
has to be collected of people like name, age, phone, number which
we are currently manually entering into the system.

I shooted the below mail few days back:

" We want to use commcare app with our application so that the data send
through the mobile data form gets synced with our application which in turn
would prevent manual entry of the data. "

We wanted to know any organisation in india who have done something similar
as to what we require i.e sync the data on our commcare account with our
application )( )so as to prevent manual entry of the
data. I know that commcare provides some API’s for the same but if any
organisation has already integrated their system with commcare in the
similar way , i believe the process would be a bit faster for us. Infact
that would save a lot of time for us…

Waiting for your reply!

Thanks & Regards,****

Sunandan Madanl | Student - Programme in Rural Management | IRMA|

Roll No: 33084 |M: +919601409658 |****

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