integer values are not being saved properly

When I enter an Integer on the application, it doesn’t take the proper value of the integer. I used a LABEL to check the values which I am entering and the LABEL does not show the value which I have entered, some of the time. This happens randomly, that means sometime the correct value is taken and at other times incorrect values are taken. The same thing happens when I swipe back to check the integer values. After swiping back, I notice that the last digit is missing from value. If I update the value again then it works. This is creating all sorts of logical problems for me. What is happening?

Hi Neeraj,

Is the issue you are seeing that leading digits like ‘0’ are being removed from the input?

IE: you have entered


and swipe forward and backward, then see



If so, the question type “Phone number or numeric ID” is a better choice for your input, that will restrict the user to numeric inputs, but will still treat their input as a string literal.


Hi Clayton,

The issue is with trailing zeros. The integer value is not being saved properly. This is happening randomly. I have raised a trouble ticket and the support is working on it. They have given me a workaround but I am waiting for a proper solution.