In the Follow-up Form, Can I edit child cases using the Repeat Group?

Dear CommCare Users,
I register the child cases using a repeat group in the parent form, but the challenge is whether I can load the properties of a parent case into the edit form for the parent case and be able to edit child cases using the repeat group, in a similar way as when they were being created? I could create the edit form in the module managing the child cases but I just wanted to know if that kind of workflow is possible.

Thanks and kind regards,

Hi Chaiwa,

Unfortunately it’s very complex to support “inline” edits across dynamic
repeat groups in the manner you are describing.

Generally we encourage edits to child cases taking place in a separate form.


HI Chaiwa,

Do note that when setting up a form for editing the children (as Clayton described), it is possible to force the user to first select the parent case. This then shows a case list of just the child cases linked to that parent case.