In Need of Recommendations on How to Easily/Efficiently Fill In/Import Missing Data on CommCare Application

Hi! I have a CommCare application that our team has already launched for data collection. During the first round of data collection, we realized that we wanted to collect a few more variables and implemented a change through CommCare to add those variables. As a result, new columns were added to the data exports, and data is missing for the new variables for respondents who were interviewed prior to the change. Data collectors collected data for the new variables in their notebooks for respondents that were interviewed prior to the change.

I was wondering if there was an easy way to transfer the missing data to CommCare through an Excel import. It seems that updating cases by importing and Excel file only updates the case properties.

Any input regarding this would be much appreciated!

unfortunately if you're talking about surveys/form data,you can't. what's done is done.
if it's case data, you can always do a case import with the new data value included