In Need of Help Regarding How to Get Each Repeating Instance of a Question

Hi! How would one go about getting each instance of a repeating question to appear on a separate screen in CommCare?

For example, I have a set of questions that I want to repeat for every child in the household:


How do I make it such that the set of questions repeat on separate screens for each child?

You should be able to add a Question List group directly within the repeat that includes all of the questions for the repeat within.

That will produce a mobile experience where the user sees all of the questions for each repeat instance on a single screen.

Hi @Clayton_Sims, thanks for your help! However, even when I add a Question List group directly below the repeat, all of the incidences seem to still appear on one page. Is there a reason why? Here is a screenshot with how my questions branch under the repeat:


Is there a reason why everything is appearing on a single page instead of separate pages for each instance? Thanks again for your help!

Is the repeat itself inside of a group of any type? The normal baseline interaction you are describing (one page per repeat) is a common build pattern, so it should work as you've outlined.

Just to confirm: Are you entering data on the web or on the Android App? The web player (including the Live Preview pane) currently doesn't paginate like the phone app does, so you'll need to run directly on a phone to test.

Hi @Clayton_Sims, many thanks for your help. I believe that there is question list that the repeat group is sitting within. I will retest and let you know if I run into any other issues.