Importing parent and child data

Hi there,

I have an application that registers groups and then members of that group, i.e. there is a parent child relationship between the groups and the members.

I want to import data from a large Excel sheet that has fields for both groups (e.g. group name) and members (e.g. member names, IDs, phone numbers etc etc).

Do i have to break up the data and then import group (parent) data first and then i import members’ (child) data separately.

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Hi @HarrisonManyumwa ,

Very good question. In this case, we recommend that you upload the information in two separate excel files, as detailed in this article: One sheet (the parent file) has information about the parent - in your case the group name and group ID. The second sheet (the child sheet) has the mapping of members to group as well as the details about the child – or in your case the names, phone numbers of the individual members.

Let us know if this helps to clarify your question or if you have any additional inquiries!

Thank you so much Andrea. Let me read the Wiki article and try out the advice.

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Not a problem, @HarrisonManyumwa!