Important Fixes: CommCare Mobile 2.8.1

Dear CommCare Users,

This announcement is relevant for Android users only.

Some of you have reported issues after upgrading to the latest version of
CommCare Mobile (2.8.0) on the Android devices. *CommCare Mobile 2.8.1,
which addresses these issues, should be available on the Google Play store
in the next few hours. *

··· * * If you have enabled automatic updates, you will receive the update automatically. You should not need to do anything manually other than making sure that your phone receives the new update.* *

Users who may have been affected by the bug include:

  • Android applications in Sense mode
  • Android applications relying on reviewing Saved forms that have
    already been sent to CommCareHQ

Android apps that have already upgraded to 2.8.0 will no longer be able to
review sent forms older than 1 week in the Saved section of the
application. These forms are all safe on HQ, but are no longer available on
the phone itself for review.

If your project relies on being able to review those sent forms on the
device, please let us know and we’ll let you know how to re-download that
data archive.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. If you continue to experience issues on
2.8.1, please reach out to us through the “Report an Issue” button found at
the bottom of any page in CommCareHQ.

Amelia and the CommCare Team