Important Change in Fixture Upload

Dear Users,

I’d like to announce a new feature that will make it easier to manage your
fixtures. You can now download, edit, and re-upload fixtures; in addition,
we have created a web API for programatic upload.

The features come with a caveat that affects current users of fixtures, so
please read the following closely:

You will recall that up until now, when you uploaded fixtures from excel,
all previous fixtures were deleted and replaced. If you continue using as
before, you will now end up with duplicates
. Now in order to get that same
effect, we recommend that you use the “download all fixtures in excel” link
at the top of the fixtures page; if you start from there and make your
changes in that sheet, CommCare HQ will use the column labelled “UID” to
decide which fixtures to replace.

While this new workflow has a number of improvement over the old one, I do
apologize for not giving you more notice as to the effects of the changes;
this was an oversight on my part.