How to group a column when the column type is an expression?

is it possible to group a column (“aggregation”: "simple”) of an expression type?

I tried the following and its not working.


"format": "default",

"expression": {      

   "test": {



  "expression_if_true": { },

  "type": "conditional",

  "expression_if_false":  {      }


"aggregation": "count_unique",  //NOT Working

"column_id": "status",

"visible": true,

"type": "expression",

"display": "status"

and Here is the current report


I wanted the report to be like this

Health center Name , Status , Numb of Users

Adecharke , Least Active , 3

Gacheno ,Least Active , 2

Is there any other way to achieve this?

This is currently not possible since the expressions run off the compiled row and the aggregations happen in the database.

I think the simplest thing to do would be to port the expression column to the data source and then use a normal field column off that. Is that an option for you?

The Expression column(status) is computed from another report column(doc count) which is already an aggregation of count_unique.
The status column can also be done via conditional aggregation , but conditional aggregation only works for static reports and also, I don`t know if aggregation by count works on conditional aggregation type column.

I believe that the aggregation should work for conditional aggregation columns.

It appears that the aggregation property is not supported for expression columns. Looking at it appears that expressions inherit from the BaseReportColumn, but aggregations are only supported on columns that inherit from FieldColumn

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