How Export SMS Messages for a PArticular App

Hello fellow Commcare Users,
I would like to export SMS Messages for a particular app but I can’t seem to find any option to select the app so it is exporting all SMS Messages for all the Messaging apps.

Please any suggestions as to how I can limit it to just the app I am interested in.


Hi Yaw,

Here is my approach to SMS. I don’t use the CommCare SMS exports. The last time I checked, it did not include network delivery reports. Looking at the reports on CommCare, it seems as if message delivery is successful. However, if you look at the delivery reports from the network, you might notice that some messages do not get delivered. Reasons might range from network problems to phones that are turned off. I, therefore, exported the SMS data from the SMS gateway I’m using ( I’m using R to join the Telerivet SMS data with my CommCare data by on matching telephone numbers.

I hope that helps.


Hi Andre,
That is good to know.

Thank you