How do you know if the follow-up questionnaire was completed or not?

We have registration with more than ten follow-up questions; how do we know if each follow-up data was collected or not?

Not quite sure I am 100% understanding your use case. Are you asking how to tell whether individual fields were changed for a case?

If you need to see this in the application, you'll likely need to add a property per field you are collecting to track when it has been changed, or accumulate a list of properties which need to be updated in a space separated list.

If you want to check for an individual case, you can use the case report to see the full history of updates to an individual property, what values it has been set to, when, and by who.

Greetings, @Clayton Sims
Thank you for speed reply, How does an enumerator know if data was collected or not in the device itself during data collection if two enumerators are in the same group?

I think you'll need to add custom case properties to flag when certain data fields were collected if you'd like them to be trackable at that level on device. As those properties are attached to the case itself, they should appear across devices for everyone who has that case in their case sharing group or location.