Hint message not fully shown


I am currently working in a form with detailed instructions for the surveyors, which are being placed as Hint Messages.

However, due to the size of some hints, the text gets hidden.

The devices we are using are Samsung J3 2016 with a screen size of 5.0". Right now, changing the devices for others with a bigger screen is not possible, and reducing the Text Font Size makes it difficult to read the text.

Is it possible to force commcare to show the hint messages completely or to enable a scroll to read it while filling the data?

If not, would it be something it could be implemented?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Jorge,

I believe the messages expand fully if you click on the text of the

Since CommCare apps are used on a variety of screens and devices, there are
some places where UI will restrict inputs in order to provide a
consistently viable user experience, so I don’t believe that we support
defaulting very-long help text to be fully expanded. Semantically we expect
that the text in “hint” messages is learned, meaning that having it on
screen each time isn’t mandatory to the user. If you’d like to have the
italized text on the screen reliably, you could also add the text to the
question itself using Question Formatting like

Question text

italicized text

in the question builder.


Annoyingly the Forum software appears to use the same Question Formatting
syntax we do, sorry about that!

the example should read:

Question Text

*italicized text*