Hidden value field is blank in data export

Hi Colleagues,
in one of my applications i created a hidden value named “national id”. it is a combination of three sets of numbers and a check letter collected as separate values and then combined as the hidden value as shown below:
national id = 11-222222-X-33
My problem is that when i export my data, the field national id remains blank.
I wonder what is the problem. even if i view my cases, the field national id on each of my cases remains blank.
What could be my problem?



Hi Harrison,

Are you saving the hidden value in the form as a case property in the case management section of the form?

If so, are you sure that the cases you are looking at were created after****the change to the form which introduces the field were present in the application? Hidden values are computed when the form is filled out, and not retroactively, so newly added hidden values won’t retroactively be applied to existing cases.


Hi Clayton,

Yes, I am saving the hidden value as a case property in the case management section.

But your second explanation makes a lot of sense. I think that is what happened.

Thanks a lot and best regards,