Freelance CommCare guru sought in Cotonou, Benin

(Apologies in advance to the Dimagi staff who have already received this

Hello CommCare Users All,

I was recently in Benin, where I helped PSI-ABMS Benin to deploy an app for
Reproductive Health and Family Planning. They are on a self-starter plan (8
users) for their pilot, but expect to scale up to roughly 100 users if the
pilot is successful. In the meantime, they are interested in hiring a
consultant on an as-needed basis to make any modifications necessary to the

If you are a CommCare-smart person who lives in an or around Cotonou and
are interested in occasional freelance work, please contact Cyprien Zinsou,
Head of Research for PSI-ABMS Benin. His email address is czinsou@ It is my understanding that the incumbent would need to be in
Benin (for purposes of capacity building, especially) but it doesn’t hurt
to ask if they would make an exception for someone who is especially

Thanks for your assistance!


David Ramdeen
Field Manager | Gestionnaire sur Terrain
Dimagi, Inc.
West Africa | Afrique de l’Ouest