Form behaviour on completion

I have a follow-on form that collects retail price information from retailers (=cases).

The form collects one product price at a time as, for analysis purposes, I do not want multiple product prices in a single form record.

The behaviour I’d like on completion is for the form to reload without the user having to select the retailer again. Is this possible?

An alternative approach might be to implement the form as a Survey (because the form does not update the case record) but then I’d need to use the cases database as a lookup table so that that the correct retailer could be selected. Is it possible to use the cases database as a lookup table in this way?




Hi Simon,

You can indeed use cases as the source of a lookup table question in your form, there’s a how-to on the wiki on achieving that use case:

to streamline things further, you could also use a user case update in the survey form to track the last selected choice to the survey and use it as the Default Value of the lookup table question, which would let the user jump back in repeatedly without re-making the selection (unless it has changed).


Thanks Clayton. This is very helpful. I’ve got some learning to do!