Followup Form - how to record multiple records for a particular patient case

I have a patient case management form, which is recorded via survey form. now we need to followup to these patient and record the followups i.e to do multiple followup via phonecall or homevisit and then record the same on the app for that particular patient. after that I should be able to see how many times the patient was contacted and what was the comment/message updated on each followup

if you’ve used a survey form, then you’ll probably have to rebuild it as a registration form in a caselist. when you wish to track something over time (Beneficiary, building, farm, course attendance, etc…) you are going to have to create a type of cases for it and create a case list in order to register and update those cases.

in your scenario, since you’ve already done some sort of registration in a survey form, i would look into importing cases into commcare after rebuilding the survey form into a proper registration form in a caselist. from there, you should be able to follow up on those beneficiaries you’ve already visited. but i’m afraid this is a bit of a cumbersome process and will take you some time to go around. this is a sustainable approach that would reduce overhead. and it means that you don’t have to import cases again. all cases would be created through the registration from. then, you can add whatever followup forms you may needs. a simple followup form could then be used multiple times across different points in time, and you would still be able to get all the follow ups related to a specific patient - as long as your configuration lasts.

Alternatively, if you have a pro license, you can use the data you’ve already collected as a lookup table and leverage that in your survey form. but to be honest, this is not a favorable approach. it means you would have to regularly do formatting of data and uploading them into commcare so that they can then be available to other users.

I would advise looking at the following links:

(basic case management information to explain the first option)

(information about importing cases from excel - the data you already collected through the regular survey forms to help with the first option)

(Lookup tables - in case you want to go with the second option. it takes less steps, but, really not favorable for your use-case)



Thanks Mazz,

I already have a registration case form and I am able to create a followup form as well and I am . able to update as well, my major issue is there is only one row allotted for a patient record. so if i do multiple followup i need to update that single row/column, as this is a single table system. so is there a way to have two tables one for patient registration record and one for Patient followup, where in Patient Reg. will only record registration and Pat Fup will record multiple record for a single patient. like if I make 30+ call/contact , I should be able to record that in reach row so that I know what i discussed with the particular patient each time.

thanks in advance

Hi Edwin,

It is possible to use Comm Care to track observation or visit level records, but it is slightly more complicated.

Our “Child Case” records are essentially subtables which join to the parent record, you can open child records of a “visit” case type to record historical records of each visit for review.

Please note that CommCare isn’t designed to support a longitudinal, fully normalized data model for patient records, however, so depending on your hardware the system will likely not support managing, say, thousands of patients with thousands of individual records each. As such, you’ll likely want to use some time-bound automatic case close rules or other mechanisms to limit the amount of data you’re permanently retaining on device.