Filtering two lookup table with same data

Hi guys,

i have add two lookup tables one of them for attendees and the other one for absence the absence lookup table has the same names of the students of the attendees lookup table, so what im trying to do is that when the user selects names in the absence lookup table he will not be able to select the same name which has been selected in the attendees lookup table. i tried to use not(selected(.,attendees)) in the validation condition but its not working properly. please if anyone can guide me through.

Hi Mohammad

try the not(selected( in the filter field on the absentee’s lookup instead of validation
use not(selected(#form/path to attendees,@caseid))

i think you might be used to it the other way around (caseid,attendees) but i think where you want it it should be the opposite

and, if you’re putting that in for validation purposes, use “count(instance(casedb)” to your cases with the correct filters to get values to compare instead of making sure that all answers are selected (if that’s what you’re trying to do)



this is amazing dear
it worked. thanks so much