Filtering repeat lookup table

Hello Commcanauts,

I am looking for help with creating a legal household survey in CommCare.

I have a question for the respondent to identify the number of members of the household. then depending on the number a repeat group will be initiated to enter basic information like name, gender and age. After the repeat group I added a Checkbox Lookup Table questions to pick the household members with legal troubles and/or concerns by referencing the repeat group in the query expression field. I tried to filter the question based on age to ask juveniles specific question by referencing the age question but when I try to run the survey it keeps giving me an XPath error indicating that it couldn’t understand the expression.

Does anybody know how to solve this issue? Help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

That filter expression references a question in the form, but it should instead be the name of the property you are filtering on. That is, to display only household members where the member_age property is less than 18, you should enter “member_age < 18” as the filter (without the blue box around member age).

It worked. Thanks a lot :smiley: