Filtering case list for each form

Hi All,
I have a module with cases and several forms. I want to filter the case selection (at the start of each follow up form) to be filtered out on case properties.
Based on the documentation it looks like the case filters only work for the whole module or is it also possible to set filters per form?

Hi @Jos_van_der_Ent,
Is your module design like when you open the module the case list shows like below? Also note that in a module, you can only display cases of the same case type and so the list cannot have mixed types of cases! But if your module only deals with one type of case, and maybe you want a group of cases with a given attribute value(e.g status) to complete one form and the other to complete a different form, then this is how you would want to setup the module:

Setup the module to display the cases.Do not apply the status filter at the module level, just show all of them so the user can pick which case they want to complete a form for!

  1. Case 1

  2. Case 2

  3. Case 3

The next step would be for you to setup a display condition for each of the form so that a given form only displays if the selected case meets the set condition! For example, the display condition can be set to #case/status="severe" which means that the form will only show if the status of the selected case is equal to severe. The process can be repeated for each of the forms that you would want displayed based on the value of a case property.

I hope I understood your question and that this helps!

Hi Chaiwa,
Thanks for the reply, indeed that is what I wanted. My reply took a bit longer as I ran into several other challenges in my original application due to the changes to be made to follow your instructions. In the end I ended up making a separate test version, which worked perfect. At the moment implementing to the original application.

Some notes in case somebody else is finding this topic and wants to achieve a similar thing:

  • be aware to be able to first choose a case and than the forms, the module should only contain case depend forms (e.g. not a case registration form)
  • your module should be at least a case list or even advanced menu.
  • as mentioned in the reply of Chaiwa, it seems it might restrict/affect the workflow for some apps. E.g. instead of first choosing case and than the form, you would change to first choose case and than the (filtered) forms