Fetching app_status report

Hi all,

I'm trying to fetch data from Users endpoints to see if I can access stats on user's activity as LastSync (see picture and the Last Sync column).

I am able to get the list of Users from this endpoint however not the status.
Is there any endpoint available that can provide this info?

FYI, I can access the Application Status on the left menu under Manage deployments at the Reports page.

Hi, I don't believe that information is exposed in an API anywhere. You can include the extras parameter, which will include the number of forms submitted or completed by each user in the last 30 days and in the last month.

Another option would be to use the form API in conjunction with the users API.

Neither of these include sync information, though. Otherwise, your best bet would probably be to export that report to excel and do analysis from there. That's not suitable for an ongoing integration, though.

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Hi @Ethan_Soergel thanks for your quick feedback and apologies for my slow one :slight_smile: