Exporting Form Data from an attendance list module

Hi Colleagues,
I have an application that captures attendance. When i export form data, i was expecting to see a list that contains the names of people who attended specific training sessions. however, my form export contains something difficult to understand under the column ‘form.who_attended’ (see screen shot below):

What could i be doing wrong? Please assist.



Looks like you’re using cases as choices. That’ll store the CaseID into the field. if you’re looking for a more meaningful piece of information than that to be part of the data download, you’ll likely need to create a hidden value that does an xpath query similar to the one used to populate the multiple-choice question, but with an added concat function to concat the names of those cases for example or any other case property.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to mess around with your app too much, you could just leverage something called “Relationships” in Excel, where you link the data in this field to the caseID in the cases sheet. this way, you can create pivot tables and pull the data from both places at the same time. if you have more than one value in that field, you would likely need to do some manipulation to make sure that each row contains only one value

last option is if you have a database software like MS Access or MSSQL server or anything like that, where you would just define the relationships, and you would create a view or a query that would show you the data from both tables.


Hi Mazz,

Thanks for your answer. I have the same problem.
I would like to know how to show other information instead of Case ID.
As the name, surname, sexe, age of the selected case in the same sheet or different sheet link in the same export data.

Could you please explain the three (03) different ways that you gave with example.

Thanks in advance !!!

Hi Ali

it’s a little too much to ask to give you examples for all three. but, i hope the following helps

this will show you how you can save case ID’s against other cases.

this shows you how to link two tables in excel

if you download the case data for your cases, you can then use the excel relationships to link the case id in one table to the case id in the other table. from there, you can create a pivot table that displays data from both tables

you can achieve the same thing in MS access or other RDBMS in a way that is similar to below

hope this helps and sets you in the right direction

Hi Everyone,

Last year, i had a problem associated with failing to pick up the names when exporting attendance list. I received help from colleagues and i am very thankful for that.
On top of that, today i discovered an alternative way out of my problems, i.e. generating a report instead of exporting data. by generating a report i get the output showing case names and not case ids, which is very simple for me to use for other purposes.
Thanks Dimagi for the great platform you have created and the improvements you continue to make on the platform.
Well done!

Hi Harris,

Well I have the same problem. Can you please share with me these different step.

Thanks in advance !!!