Export display text responses

Is it possible to export the display text responses to questions in forms?

Hi @caitlinscott,
To export display text responses, on CommCareHQ, open the application with the form whose questions you would like to download. In the top right corner, click on "Application Summary". You will see all modules and forms in the application, click on the form whose questions/responses you would like to download, you will have two options: 1. Click on download button on top right corner to get the responses and questions in excel. 2. Or you can simply highlight/select all the questions and paste them in MS Word and they will be as though they were created in word(with indentation and numbering, questions and options/responses preserved)

I hope I understood what you asking for. Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile:


I’m actually looking for a way to export the submitted responses. For example, in a form we have text responses, which have scores indicated for the choice value. This allows us to have a composite score for the form. We would like to export the text response (instead of the score) in some cases. In data export and reports, we do not see how this is done.