Excel dashboard integration error

hi all,
i am creating an excel dashboard, following the steps in the below link:


actually i did before multiple times and it worked very well, now excel is giving me this error when trying to enter my user name and password: “the user was not authorized”
can anyone help me?

I have a feeling that my issue may be related. I’m currently using the dashboard feed link that populates quite a few of my power bi dashboards. My gateway all of a sudden is not able to connect to CommCare data sources and am getting this error: “Invalid connection credentials.” Other data sources (postgres) is working fine.

I have solved my issue... :see_no_evil: Since I was getting the invalid credential error I logged out of CommCare and back in. However, my password wasn't working and then had to reset it (I use a password manager). I then updated all my Gateway with the new credentials and it worked.

So, for whatever reason my CommCare credentials were changed last week and didn't notice as I'm always logged in. Probably user error...