Error when no work was done

Hi, I'm extremely new to Commcare. I finished the first 2 intro courses.
I have a working version and I add a singular hidden value and I equal it to a data value and when I sync it and click start I get "There are errors in your application. Please fix these errors in your application before using app preview." and then I deleted that hidden value resynched and that error is still there. So when I deleted that hidden value I basically went back to the "working" version but I still see that error. Any idea why? (Also side note every time I do a single change to my app I have my version increase. So like I started at version 5, I made 6 changes and I was at version 11 without ever like changing the setting released and test and without publishing. Not sure why)

Thank you for any help!


You might try going to the releases page and clicking "Make a New Version" - that will fail, but it should give you a more detailed error.

About the version incrementing: yes, that's normal. Every time you save your app, the version number will increment, whether or not you publish the app.

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Thank you! That helped a tons