Error Make New Version

Iam try to make a New App version but getting error below

Cannot make new version

  • Details: Unable to validate the forms due to a server error. Please try again later.

This likely means the formplayer service isn’t running or isn’t properly connected. Is that process live? I’d check the formplayer logs (commcare-cloud <env> service formplayer logs) for more information.

How do i check if it’s running or check if it’s properly connected iam fairly new to commcare

$ commcare-cloud <env> service formplayer status

You can check the status of all processes with:

$ commcare-cloud <env> service commcare status

when i run “commcare-cloud monolith django-manage check_services” i get error below
“Formplayer returned a 502 status code: https:///formplayer/serverup”
What could be the problem

Formplayer returned a 502 status code: https://myserver/formplayer/serverup

You’ll have to check the formplayer logs
commcare-cloud <env> service formplayer logs