Error installing datadog on new server


installing datadog on new server brings the following error:

fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "id": "382E94DE", "msg": "key does not seem to have been added"}

digging into the detail:
vim src/commcare_cloud/ansible/roles/datadog/tasks/main.yml

	- name: Add datadog apt key
 	 apt_key: id=382E94DE state=present
  	  - datadog

datadog has changed the linux agent signing key; according to their documentation:

To fix the issue, I replace the key 382E94DE with F14F620E, and works. I think it's better to update the change on the master repo.

Thank you for notifying us, Demis. Would you like to open a pull request on github with the proposed change? I'd be happy to do it if that's not something you're set up for, but I'd for sure encourage you to feel free to submit this sort of change for review.

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Thanks for sharing the issue @demis08. I'm working on a fix here Update datadog apt key to the new one from the docs by dannyroberts · Pull Request #5407 · dimagi/commcare-cloud · GitHub which will likely be ready to go shortly.

Hi Ethan,

thanks for encouraging me. I'll apply the PR process for future cases.