Error in app but not in demo on CommCareHQ

Hi there,

I am helping build and test an app and was using the demo feature from CommCareHQ to make sure the app didn’t have any errors. I was able to complete all the forms without any problems.

A colleague then downloaded the app onto their CommCare app, and after completing a registration form and trying to continue to a follow-up form, they got this error:

Any idea why this would be showing up in the app but not the demo mode?

The calculation referenced is an If Statement in case that is helpful:
if(#form/selec_percentagem_total >= 50, “Aprovado”, if(#form/selec_percentagem_total <= 49 and #form/selec_percentagem_total >= 40, “Observar”, if(#form/selec_percentagem_total < 40, “Reprovado”, 0)))

Thanks so much!

Hi Stephen,

When you say Demo Mode, are you referring to the Live Preview inside of the browser, or the on-device Android Practice Mode?

The Live Preview version of your app will always be the latest “saved version,” while the version deployed to phones is generally the latest “released” version in the app release manager.

The first thing I’d try is making a new build in the release manager and marking it as “Released,” then updating the app on the local device. That should make sure the two versions are in sync.