Environment config

I’m currently looking at the sample environments to get a feel for what needs to be included / excluded from my standalone installation.

In the /swiss environment postgresql.yml here:

I see the following

Is that address relative to the Commcare Cloud machine? i.e. if I have my Commcare Cloud running in a VM on my own laptop and a separate cloud server visible via public IP where i’m deploying the rest of the Commcare stack, do I specify the public facing URL for that setting or the loopback? PostgreSQL itself won’t be listening on the public IP of my cloud server - only on the loopback on the cloud server, but it will be hosted on that server.


Hey Ed,

That URL is local to the HQ server(s), not the commcare-cloud instance. So, if I’m understanding your setup correctly localhost should be fine.

Perfect, thanks Cory!

In the same vein, should the server references in inventory.ini be external (relative to the commcare cloud machine) or internal (relative to the CommcareHQ machine) addresses? i.e. in the scenario above should I be using the external server name or can I use if these services are all on the same CommcareHQ machine (not the same machine as my Commcare Cloud installation)?

What about the SITE_HOST setting in the proxy.yml?