Enabling Conditional Alerts (email)


We need to enable conditional alerts (emails). We are able to create an alert. After creation the alert is stuck the “Processing 0%” state. Is there any specific configuration on the server side that needs to happen (ex: pillows)?



Hi Guillaume, this is for an instance of HQ that you’re hosting yourself, right? If so, you need to run the SMS queue, which is controlled by the management command “run_sms_queue”. There are some developer-focused docs on messaging here.

Thanks jenny,

Yes this is an instance we are running ourselves. We will look at this doc and see if we can get it to work.

Do you confirm that this applies also to email alerts?


Hi Guillaume, thank you, I did answer the wrong question. These are the conditional alerts docs, in particular the lifecycle of a rule could be useful. I’d verify that celery is running and healthy, and then look for the logs for the tasks involved in rule updates, run_messaging_rule and sync_case_for_messaging_rule.