Empty Cell in a Fixture


Unfortunately I can’t think of a great way to exclude some users from a
fixture and still have them use a form that loads this fixture. The issue
is that if a form expects to use a fixture it will attempt to load that
fixture, regardless of whether the particular user would ever access it or

What behavior are you trying achieve that requires some users to not have
the fixture? Would it be possible to do this using custom user data


··· On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 11:58 AM, wrote:


I’m using a number of fixtures in a particular form. I have five groups of
users defined. Some of the groups use all of the fixtures, while others do
not. I left the groups who did not need the fixture off of it entirely, but
this is causing an error when these users attempt to load the form: “Could
not find an appropriate fixture for src:
jr://fixture/item-list:FixtureName” Is there a way to include a group in a
fixture, but give them a blank or empty value? Or is there another way to
solve this issue? Thanks.

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