Edit form data and also case data


We have two forms in our app, one is “Census form” and the other is “Treatment form”. The two forms are linked by a question “Can I treat the child?” in the census form, and if the answer is “Yes”, then a subcase of treatment is created and the mobile user should go fill the treatment form.

When looking at the data export, we found that some answers to this question should be “Yes” instead of “No”, and want to update it. Treatment forms should be open for these children too.

I am reading the help page but it says “Using this feature will only affect your form data and will not alter your cases in any way.” My understanding is that we can edit the answers to the question, but a subcase will not be created, is it correct?

Is it possible to create the subcases in any way?


Hi does anyone know this problem? Thanks

Or if it’s not possible, please let me know!

The documentation is correct that there’s currently no mechanism which will allow changing answers through the Clean Forms process to retroactively “re-run” the form logic in full, since an individual form’s execution may depend on significant amounts of state (like every case on the device when the form was entered) which can’t be recreated. If different side effects are needed on a limited basis, we’d recommend using the Case Uploader to edit or create the outcome that would have occurred.

If this kind of data management will be part of ongoing core workflows for a program, the general best practice is to use the Web Apps system to create any edit forms needed or to reuse the existing ones. These kinds of management forms can provide broad flexibility for cleanup workflows to incorporate arbitrary logic in how to handle data edits.