Downloading Users progress bar showing 126%


and It is unable to finish the progress and download

Hi Andinet, I see a recently-introduced bug with the progress bar count which should cause the current progress to increase exponentially rather than linearly. We should have a fix out for that shortly.

In the meantime, I wouldn’t expect this to have any impact on the download itself, just on the display. If you disregard the progress bar, does the download eventually finish?

Hi @Ethan_Soergel , Thank you for the Reply.
Yes , It do finish the downloading process and download the excel file.

That’s good to hear. However on further investigation, it looks like that wasn’t actually a bug with the progress bar count, so I’m not certain what the cause of this discrepancy is. One possibility is that some user IDs returned by the search aren’t actually found in CouchDB.

This could mean that Elasticsearch and Couch are out of sync, or that there’s an issue with your couch cluster. It’s hard to say for sure without investigation on your environment. It might be worth manually checking the download file for completeness if that’s possible to rule out a data integrity issue.