Downloading CommCare data exports in Google Sheets

Is it possible to download the data from CommCare data exports directly into Google Sheets so as to get live data? We want to connect the data exports with Google sheets and have the data fed in the sheets automatically. Is this possible?

@hussain Did you manage to complete this task? It's something I'm also working hard to achieve. It saves time and resources. It's a useful automation process to have on hand for the project.

Hi @Ibrahim , you can use Zapier to have new form submissions automatically get populated on google sheets.

I don't think it's possible to download a data export directly there, but this might be useful to keep the sheet up-to-date once you've created it.

@Ethan_Soergel, I almost forgot about Zapier. I wasn't sure if it was possible, but thanks anyway. I'll look into it and let you know if it works.