Does CommCare's oData Feed Serve Live Data?

Hi everyone,
Do the endpoints for CommCare’s Power Bi/Tableau Integration oData Feeds serve Live Data or do we still have to manually update data or wait for CommCare’s daily auto-update(which only takes place once in 24 hrs)?

In other words, will my Power Bi report be fetching Live Data whenever it runs and hits the endpoint or will it be pulling Daily Saved Data as is the case with Excel Dashboard Integration and Daily Saved Exports endpoints? The former is desirable for one of my projects.

Kindly advise.


Hi Chaiwa,

The Odata feeds are not linked to Daily Saved exports. What you trying to accomplish can be done by publishing the report/dashboard/data source to PowerBI Service from PowerBI Desktop. On PowerBi Service you can configure the published data source to auto-refresh at a set schedule. Check this out.

Also, note Odata feeds are only available on our Advanced plan. Feel free to ping me on email if you have any follow up questions.