Does Commcare App work on Chromebook?

Hello there,

Would Commcare App work on a chromebook since it could run android apps? If so, is it even advisable and would cover all the features? I would appreciate some feedbacks, our Samsung tablets are getting obsolete and we’re laying down options on our next device investment in the coming weeks.


Hi Anna,

I don’t know whether CommCare has been tested on a Chromebook, hopefully someone else will chime in there. I can however, point you to a couple resources we have about device procurement:

This is a document describing considerations to keep in mind when selecting an Android device:

Here is a list of devices that have been specifically tested with CommCare:

  • Ethan

I’ve run CommCare on a Chromebook. A couple of considerations

  1. Not every chromebook can run Android applications, and even those that can run Android apps can be tricky to configure such that the play store is available, so make sure such chromebooks would be compatible
  2. CommCare’s screens aren’t optimized to run in the horizontal form factor utilized by chromebooks, which can make some interactions / pages look or feel awkward. If you were starting from scratch, it’s likely the case that you could make app with a reasonable experience for a specific chromebook, but running an existing app in landscape mode would likely be tricky
  3. The chromebook platform is fairly fluid and changes with some frequency, so it is helpful to be cautious about planning too much future dependence on any specific aspect of them