Docker issues on runserver

Hi there,

I am launching the django server using the docker services:
"./scripts/docker runserver".
However I encounter few issues:

One that is already solved: the reference to sinonjs in the bower file
should be changed. The URL link is written instead of the version of

And those ones that I am desperately looking for solutions (not sure if
they are interrelated):

WARNING: couldnt write lextab module ‘eulxml.xpath.lextab’. [Errno 13]
Permission denied:
‘vendor/lib/python2.7/site-pacakges/eulxml/xpath/’ WARNING: yacc
table file version is out of date

These ones seem to be related to the version of python-ply. However I
have no ideas on where to change it.
2. Postgres Incomplete startup packet
3. restkit.errors.Unauthorized: {“error”:“unauthorized”,“reason”:“You
are not a server admin.”}

Seems to be related to couchdb

Any ideas?