Do minor changes need publishing

Hi you guys,

I had to change a question type (from phone number to text). I was wondering if I would need to republish my application? Or will the changes go into effect when I sync up on the mobile.

The reason why I am asking is because if I need to republish this minor change then I have to send a new code via email of new version to each of our field interviewers and it would be less issues if the one change I made would take effect and be updated through syncing.

Thanks you guys.


Hey Shawn,

For any changes in your app structure, you need to publish a new app build and mark it as “released”. Though you don’t need to necessarily send your users the new code for them to update to this new app version but instead ask users to update their app using the in-built “Update App” options menu on the CommCare home screen. Please refer to this wiki for more details around application update process.


Thanks Shubham. That information was spot on!