Displaying Multiple subcase menus under one Parent case

We trying to implement our project using one parent case, i.e farmer, and multiple sub-cases of its own: harvest record, seed log, farmer training, farmer segmentation … What we can achieve now is to have lists of menus for the parent case and for child cases on the same page (please refer to the first image); we can go to Case Lists, and Case Detail afterwards.

What we would prefer is to have the parent case as one menu on the first page and when clicking the parent cast that goes to different sub-case menus on the second page which will have their own case list and case detail (please refer image 2).

On our ideal work flow: we would click a farmer name 1st and then see each of the menus to access different data.

With what we can achieve now, the Front line employees visit a farmer, they need to pick seedling record, find the farmer, look at the data, back all the way out; pick harvest records, select the farmer, look at the data, back all the way out… Instead we want to visit a farmer and access the different aspects of their farmer’s profile as quickly as possible – starting with the farmer name and then drilling in from there.

How deep we can go on case detail and case list interface? Is there away of clicking on a case detail and go to a different Case list that is different from the Case list that creates it?