Display condition on dates

Hi everyone,
I have created an application for a covid survey and I want to ask questions like,
Q:- Were you done the RTPCR test?
options:- Yes, No
if yes then, how many times you tested, if participant answer any value (1,2,3)
if participants test 1 time then display only the date of the first test.
if participants test 2 times then display the date of the first and second test only.
if participants test 3 times then display the date of all three tests.

Please help me with this.
Thanks & regards

Hi Naveen,

Is there a fixed number of these questions (IE: There can be up to 3 dates), or do you need to ask an arbitrary number of date questions?

If the latter, you can define a counted repeat to ask an arbitrary number of date questions.

If it's an "up to three" control, I'd recommend simply using Display Conditions to hide questions 2 and 3 based on the user's response.


Dear Sir,
Yes, there a fixed numbers, options 1,2,3. I tried simple Display Condition Like:-
yes participant say only 1 time, I used to display date first ( variable A <=1 then only show the first date), if (variable A <=2 then display date first and second hide the third date), and if (variable A<=3 then display all date).
But in-app show all dates in 1st and 3rd display condition and if participant said 2 the show 2,3 dates not 1st and 2nd.
Sir I want to know that, I wright correct the display condition or not.

What you describe sounds like the right approach. Could you share the three display conditions themselves?