Display condition logic

I’m wondering if this logic is right
eligible = ‘yes’ and ( gov != ‘aa’ or gov != ’
the question is supposed to show only if the eligible= yes and gov doesn’t equal to aa or bb. when I test the question it’s working only for the eligible
note: gov is a user property


the second part will always return true for the gov question. if they select bb, it’s not aa, if they select aa, it’s not bb. if they select anything else, it’s neither aa or bb so it will always return true.

what you might want to try is to use an “if” function so that you can check them one at a time.
if(gov = ‘aa’, false(), if(gov = ‘bb’ , false().True()),true())
this will return false if the property is aa or bb

then you can say in your condition
(eligble = ‘yes’ and if(gov = ‘aa’, false(), if(gov = ‘bb’ , false(),True()),true()))
this will return true when the user property is neither aa or bb, AND eligible = ‘yes’

maybe i’m over complicating it, but i think this will have the desired affect.


Thanks Mazz, actually we just replaced or in the first condition with and it worked!!
eligible = ‘yes’ and ( gov != ‘aa’ and gov != ’




that would work too! i guess i was overdoing it.