Display condition error (multiple nodes)

Could you please suggest why are multiple nodes created. The repeat group is repeated on count-selected hidden value and has no display or validation condition.

This usually happens when you reference a a repeat group in another expression. Is there not a display condition elsewhere in the form that is referencing the repeat group (or a question inside the repeat group)?

Thanks for your reply. I have checked the repeat group, it is not referenced anywhere. There is display condition inside the repeat group. Few numerical questions are conditioned on selection of particular choices in the check box question (both type of questions are inside same repeat group). This has worked in my previous applications.

Writing expressions that reference data inside a repeat group can be a bit tricky.

Most often you need to make sure you use relative paths instead of absolute ones if you want to reference a question in the same repeat group as the current question:


There is more information on this in the help documentation: https://confluence.dimagi.com/display/commcarepublic/Advanced+Functions+for+Repeat+Groups