Discrepancy between results from export tool and web export interface


I have created a number of form exports in my CommCareHQ project space, and then tried to run analogous exports using the dat export tool. I looked at the column names in the form exports from CommCareHQ in order to create the corresponding Excel Query File.

However, the tables generated with the export tool look quite different from the ones that I download from CommCareHQ manually. Here you have an example:

You can see a lot of missing values, which are not present in the manual export. Some data gets exported by the tool (I pixelated the cells with actual data), but the great majority of cells contain NA.

I’m using the following command to run the data export tool:

commcare-export --output-format csv --output data-export.zip --project isth-production --query filter_reg.xlsx --since 2019-01-01 --missing-value /NA --verbose

I can provide the query file and the list of column names in the form export, if that is helpful.


Hi Andres, the query file would be useful.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your response! I was able to solve the issue in the end. I overlooked some instructions from the export data tool, but it now works great and am able to export all the case and forms from our project space.


Great! Glad you got it working.