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Hi Eric,Just to share how I have been working around that kind of situation: When you make a new “deploy” or version of your App, representing the newly added features or changes to your App, DO NOT “star” or mark as “release”! That will ensure users don’t pick changes before you fully test the App.
For you to load unreleased version of the App onto your phone for testing, simply click on the “deploy” button of the version. You will then have the options to install that particular version onto your test phone and do all the tests. Once satisfied that your App works as expected and you wish to make those changes seen by the users, you can then “star or release” it so they can be picked by the users!
In other words, with CommCare, you make as many versions as possible without “releasing” them and that you don’t have to “release” every version you build! Also, you can manually install any of the versions you have ever built by simply clicking on"deploy" button of the particular version.
I hope this lengthy explanation brings out one or two things for you!

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  I turned on Auto Update ... but now how can I easily test my new versions while I make a round of app changes? -
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  How to copy application without any existing data

      "Jeremy W." <jwacksman@dimagi.com>: Sep 05 02:34PM -0400

    Hi Sahu,

Form data is unique per form/application, so if you copy an application,

form submissions from the new application will show up separately from the

original application in exports.


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Jeremy Wacksman

Dimagi http://www.dimagi.com, Inc.

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  Problem updating cases

      "Jeremy W." <jwacksman@dimagi.com>: Sep 05 02:32PM -0400

    Hi Vicki,

Have you tried looking up a case on CommCareHQ in the Case List Report to

confirm that it worked? I would recommend first trying to update just one

or two cases to confirm that the import is working as you anticipated.

Your general approach sounds right, and you do want to map the info.caseid

field from your file to caseID on CommCareHQ.

In case you want to “undo” a case import you can go to the Submit History

report, select “Unknown Users” in the filter, and then you will see form

submissions representing the Excel Importer action. You can then archive

these forms to reverse any changes.

Hope this helps,


On Sun, Sep 4, 2016 at 2:40 PM, Vicki Loader vicki.o.loader@gmail.com wrote:

Jeremy Wacksman

Dimagi http://www.dimagi.com, Inc.

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  Data displayed in parts

      Kareodu Ronald <rkareodu84@gmail.com>: Sep 05 03:48PM +0300

    Hi Kishan,

I believe you are alright. For example if i have a repeat group question

and the following question is also a repeat group, then how can i ensure

that i do not build the next question within the previous repeat group?



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  I turned on Auto Update ... but now how can I easily test my new versions while I make a round of app changes?

      Eric Stephan <estephan500@gmail.com>: Sep 05 02:08AM -0700

    Hi all --

I turned on Auto Update on my apps. I will be so glad that I can start

trusting that my users will use the newest versions of the app.

BUT, now I have the problem that now I am doing a lot of authoring of

adjustments to the forms and the app. And it’s now time to do the TESTING

of those changes!

Now, normally I would “star” the newest testing release, update my 3

testing phones, and then quickly “unstar” the release.

But if I do that now, I am worried that some real mobile user on our

project (we have 110 users) might have his phone see the temporarily

“starred” release, and perform an update of the new (testing, likely not

correctly working) version!

– What is the BEST way for me to conveniently download the new app version

to my testing phones, without the “star” risking real users get this "just

testing" version?

– I really don’t want to have to go to each of the phones, manage apps,

clear data, scan the NEW qr code for each phone, etc… that would drive me

crazy when there are 7 successive fixing versions…

– I cannot use CloudCare for testing because my app uses case sharing

extensively and that is often what I am testing

… what’s the best recommendation to handle this so I can test my changes

without going nuts?



      Cory Zue <czue@dimagi.com>: Sep 05 11:38AM +0200

    Hey Eric,

I’ll email you off-thread with some instructions that work well for this

use case. Also just wanted to note that you can use case sharing with

cloudcare (you just have to login with mobile workers instead of your

normal account). One easy way to do this is to keep a second window open in

incognito mode as a mobile worker.


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