Developing for CommCare ODK

Hi all,
I know Commcare ODK is a bit on the bleeding edge side, but I wanted to
work on it anyways, and I have a question:

  • Is there a good way to recover from “Storage is corrupt:/… Attempt Fix
    / Shut Down” error?
    The Attempt Fix has almost never worked on me… I usually then remove
    application data. When that doesn’t work, I have tried to remove Android >
    Data > com.commcare… folder, and also uninstalling and re-installing
    Commcare ODK. Sometimes a combination of these steps work, but sometimes
    even all of this will fail when I try to install an application.

Is there a recommended set of steps that don’t involve me floundering
around trying everything?

(I’m using an HTC Sensation 4G, and have gotten commcare to a functional
state several times, although I’ve had challenges keeping it there…)