Deep Linking in CommCare via SMS Reminders

Hi everyone,
Does anyone have experience implementing deep linking via conditional/scheduled SMS reminders in CommCare? We would like to be able to send an SMS reminder to the users to remind them to go through the lesson and prepare before they go out to train others(every month). So the deep link would come from CommCareHQ, with a URI pointing to the exact module and form to be loaded when the user taps on the link in the SMS. What is the format of the URI and the parameters we can possibly pass along?

The objective is to learn if SMS reminders are helping users go through lessons on time.So based on the date SMS reminder was sent out and the time they opened the form in the training guide module, we will be able to tell if the action was due to SMS reminder or not. Also based on the same trends, we would like to compare whether those that open the training guide as a result of SMS reminder deliver lessons to the beneficiaries more timely than those that do not.

Thanks for helping,