Date Timezones for commcare-export-tool

In the documentation, it is reported that, “When you export data to excel, date/times will always be in UTC / +00:00 timezone / “zulu time”, regardless of the project’s timezone.” Is this also the case for the comm-care-export tool? I’m finding some discrepancies in my date data, and I’m wondering if this might be the cause. Thanks.

Hi Jared

Yes this also applies to the data export tool.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the quick response. I noticed that the PostgreSQL database created by the export tool uses “timestamp without time zone” data types for my dates. This is problematic because I need to shift these dates back into local time. Is there a way for me to specify this column data type or to specify a time zone for the export tool? Thanks.

We don’t have the option of using ‘timestamp with time zone’ at the moment.

One option would be to change the column type manually in the database. The export tool should still keep working as expected.