Data Reporting Issues

Hello everyone, i need some help. I have noticed over the past week that when i run reports from Commcare, it does not pull the data in a number of sections from the survey. I have checked and i confirm that the data is in the form but its just not pulling. Can anyone help?

Hi Jumai,

Has the underlying form that is being reported changed in a new version of the application?

If the app has changed in ways that modify internal reference ID’s, report templates will need to be updated in tandem to reflect the new structures.

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Hi Clayton,

Thanks for responding to my post. The project I was supporting had come back with some major changes to their survey templates and since I’m new to the system I had issues troubleshooting. I have gotten a solution to the said problem in that I had to 'show deleted questions ’ in my report but I am still having similar issue with my follow up form after setting the case list and case detail views. It’s not pulling the information of previously registered cases.

Hi Jumai,

I’m a bit confused about how the second issue you are reporting is being reflected in your data (or app?)

Have you reviewed your cases and what data is stored in them with the Case List report in HQ? It’s the easiest way to confirm where and what data is stored in the case if that data isn’t appearing in the case list or detail views.


Hi Clayton,

Yes I have reviewed the data in a case list report and also exported the entire form data to check how the data is stored. I also noticed that there were other survey questions in the app that have the same question id as the ones I am trying to make show up. So maybe that’s where the issue is from or it’s also being affected by the changes that were made to the survey.